Monday, 30 January 2012

Frustrated by my Doctor's Office

Last week I called my doctor`s office several times to get an appointment, but all I got was the answering machine which does not take messages. This was not unexpected, it`s happened many times before.

I really need a prenatal appointment. I haven`t had one yet. I finally got a hold of them today but the receptionist told me that the earliest possible date I could get in was February 22. That`s almost four weeks away. I will be thirteen and a half weeks pregnant by then... in my second trimester. Plus I had really wanted an ultrasound.

I explained this to the receptionist, adding that I have a history of blighted ovum. I NEED to know whether things are okay. I`m a bit worried. That she could tell. But I`m also a bit stressed because at this time last year I went to the ER for bleeding. The ultrasound showed no baby so they gave me medication to get things moving along and sent me home to miscarry. But I bled too much and after blacking out Martin rushed me to th ER where I continued to hemorrhage - severely - and nearly died. I was given multiple transfusions, bags of saline, they were worried about tissue damage and stroking. Eventually I had an emergency D&C and spent the next month recovering. I do NOT want to ever go through that again. Miscarriage is hard. Miscarriage, nearly dying and leaving my children motherless is REALLY hard.

It took three hours and four phonecalls back from their end to finally get me an ultrasound. I don`t even have to go to the hospital. Apparently they have one in the doctor`s office every other Wednesday AND they had lots of openings. So what was the big deal?? Geez... To make matters worse, they couldn`t tell me anything about a nuchal transparency test, which can often diagnose, through an ulrasound, whether your baby has Down Syndrome, or a high risk of it. From what I have read that is often done around 12 weeks. And it`s a concern, given my age. But they couldn`t answer my questions about that, and told me they would call me back. Which they didn`t.

Anyway I am calmer, a bit excited but also scared about my ultrasound on February 9th. But at least I`m getting one. Vent over ;)

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