Sunday, 22 January 2012

9 Weeks

After nearly a month of sickness making the rounds in our house, we're finally almost back to normal. I'm feeling sooo much better. Even the morning sickness has eased up a little.

Today marks nine weeks of pregnancy over. Nearly a quarter of the way there. Baby is nearly a whole inch long and has fingers toes and eyelids now. It's really starting to look like a baby. It's amazing how something so tiny can make your entire body feel out of whack.

Since I first found out I was pregnant I've been able to feel a tiny bit of pressure down in my abdomen now and then. That feeling is steadier now. I haven't gained any weight yet. Actually, I've lost four pounds, which is hard to believe because I've been eating nearly every two hours to keep the nausea at bay. My breasts have gotten bigger but I can still fit into my bra. Other than that I don't really look any different yet. I'm a bit overweight though, maybe I just hide it well. I hope I can hide it for a few more weeks.

I am dying to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. I wasn't able to find out, even with an ultrasound for my daughters. So I picked up a baby gender test called Intelligender Gender Prediction Test Kit. You add a small amount of urine to a cup with chemicals, and the results are based on the colour that appears - smokey green for a boy and orange for a girl. The results are supposed to be fairly accurate but they warn you not to paint the nursery based on them. The test is $22. I figured what the heck. But I have to wait until I'm at least ten weeks along to use it.

I've also been reading online about something called the baking soda test, where you pee on a small amount of baking soda. And if it fizzes it's a boy, and if not it's a girl. I've seen a couple of polls on pregnancy websites that look promising. Looks like fun. I'll have to try that one, too!

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