Sunday, 29 January 2012

10 Weeks

10 Weeks today. Over the last couple of days my stomach has popped out a lot and my pants are getting tight. I am still four pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, holding steady for about three weeks.

I have been lurking on a couple of pregnancy message boards lately. I am always amazed at the women on there who swear they can feel their babies kicking when they are no further along than I am. This week baby is about the size of an olive. I have read that they are very active at this stage. But how hard can it be kicking or bouncing around in there? I can't wait until I am able to feel it move around regularly, with certainty. That will give me much more peace of mind that everything is all right.

I still have not had my first doctor's appointment. Honestly, I think it's my fear that has kept me from making one. But I did phone repeatedly this week... only to get an answering machine that won't take messages, and to find out he is closed on Thursdays now, and that they took off early from work on Friday, so I haven't got through yet. But Monday I will make an appointment for sure. I hope he schedules me for an ultrasound soon. With my girls' pregnancies they didn't do any until 18-20 weeks. I need to know everything is okay.

My morning sickness has come back with a vengeance this week, but now the weird taste has faded. Not sure what to make of that.

As I have finally hit the ten week mark I had a bit of fun this morning and did the baking soda gender test. No fizz. That means it's a girl. I'll retest again in a couple of weeks and see if there's a difference.

I really don't care whether it is a girl or a boy. I just want a healthy baby. If it is a girl that would be great because they are so much fun to dress up and shop for, and I have the experience of having two girls. Plus Kylie and Emma want it to be a girl. Martin, like myself doesn't care. If it is a boy that would be equally fantastic because I've never had a boy and I would have a whole new bunch of experiences to look forward to. With the way my tummy has grown this week I am seriously wondering if it could be twins.... yikes!

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